The 2900 Block of Webster Avenue - God's Corner Block Association located in the Hill District was formed by the Neighborhood Resilience Project (formerly FOCUS Pittsburgh).  Our Block is a cosmopolitan neighborhood with college students, Jamaicans, Ghanaians and African Americans.  Homeowners and renters include senior citizens, and young families that vary in social and economic backgrounds. 

Neighborhood Resilience Project met with our residents three years ago and discussed Trauma Informed Community Development.  The 2900 Block of Webster Avenue became the pilot for their Trauma Informed Community Development Project. Father Paul Abernathy, Executive Director and his team explained to the residents that Trauma is not always through violence.  The Block learned that Trauma has an emotional impact on individuals in different ways.  

Residents built a relationship with Neighborhood Resilience Project's representative, Robert Bowden, and a project began to move forward to relieve residents of their concerns related to home repairs. As a result, the Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh assisted with home repairs.  Needless to say, the project was positive and the neighbors were appreciative of Neighborhood Resilience Project for their commitment to the block.

Seventy five percent of our residents participate in our monthly meetings.  We consistently provide information regarding community redevelopment, resource availability, Block engagement with neighbors, etc.

This block is successful as a team because we believe that every NEIGHBOR matters. 

The HOPE Plan

Following the HOPE Plan (Health, Opportunity, Place Making, and Engagement) template developed by Neighborhood Resilience Project, our block association customized the plan to fit the needs of our block.  We currently operate from our HOPE plan.

Five team leaders were appointed to carry out the HOPE Plan as described below.

Health Assessment

To obtain Health Assessments on the block. 


To provide information on employment and training programs.


To address abandon houses, tangled titles, safety and home improvement resources.


To continue to engage neighbors to participate on the block.

Our Leaders

Rhonda Lockett

Co-Engagement Chair

Cheryl Larry

Co-Engagement Chair

Willie Larry

Opportunity Chair

Tamaira Binnon

Placemaking Chair

Sister Margery Kundar

Co-Health Assessment Chair

Sister Donna Cronauer

Co-Health Assessment Chair

Pamela Walker

Public Safety Chair